Looking for class apart orthodontic care? Do you want to see how your smile will change after treatment before you commit to start your treatment ? we have a solution for you…..

Welcome to the world of digital orthodontic setup at Silver Smile Dental Specialists. Dr Digant Thakkar specialises in latest orthodontic treatments like Damon Braces, Incognito, Clear Aligners & Invisalign.


Step 1:- Check up and we try to understand your chief concern , exactly what you don’t like about your smile

Digital Dental Impression
Digital Scan of your teeth

Step 2:- we take an intra oral scan and using our inhouse pathbreaking technologies with 3shape Trios 3D Intra Oral scanner we try to show to instantly how we can improve your smile

see the change we can bring to your smile instantly using our AI

Step 3 :- once you are ready to start treatment we take photographs, xrays provide you with options of braces and suggest a good one for you.

Types of braces

Damon Metal Braces

Damon Ceramic/Clear Braces

Invisalign (worlds best clear aligner system)

No Wires no Braces no Repeated visits to Orthodontist

Orthodontic Treatment Results

Smile Improvements with Damon Braces
Teeth aligned so lips can be closed effortlessly post treatment

Dr Digant Thakkar specialises in Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopaedics, his constant curiosity of learning recent advances in the field of orthodontics to provide the best of care for his patients is the sole reason for all the advances we have in our office today especially for you. He is pioneer in introducing metal 3D printing for orthodontic appliaces in india and he conducts workshops for orthodontics pan india and worldwide for the same.

With latest of digital orthodontic technologies in office we are the only office in the area with highest experience in invisible orthodontic treatments like clear aligners and Invisalign . The trios 3Shape scanner and 3Dprinter in office help us to reduce the turnaround times and improve accuracy of these treatment modalities.

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Amit Patel
Amit Patel
Loved it
Blossom Naik
Blossom Naik
I would like to extend my gratitude and applaud Dr. Digant (Silver Smile Dental Specialists) for my son's dental care and treatment. Because of his passion, expertise and devotion to his profession, my son had a delightful experience. He had a situation where the lower set of teeth were out and therefore the chin was coming out and his facial structure did not seem quite right. Also, some phonic sounds were not clear in his speech. But after connecting with Dr. Digant, his expertise in his field of Orthodentistry made a huge difference. He fixed the braces for my son. I was little worried about keeping up with the dates for his routine check up as we live in Gandhidham - Kutch and were supposed to travel to Rsjkot for his routine check up and incase the wiring in the braces snapped. But because of Dr. Digant's expertise and accuracy, we had minimal visits to his clinic. Also, every appointment was so professionally and well planned, that we did not have to wait for our turn. Even during the Covid times I did not have to worry about visiting the Silver Smile clinic because it was hygienic and well sanitized. It was rather a smooth journey to an aligned set of teeth for my son. The best part was, we had minimum visits and fast and best results. My son feels more confident now and his speech is also clear. My sincere thanks a Dr. Digant and we are indeed blessed to have an Orthodontist who displays such passion in his profession.
Abhay Ramani
Abhay Ramani
Dr Digant Thakkar having the best experience of braces treatment and I must thank you for my beautiful smile and I also thank you for your guidance towards the braces treatment
Rohit Ram
Rohit Ram
Dr. digant Thakkar is a very nice doctor. The patient answers the question in a friendly manner. Their treatment is very good. Thank you so much Dr. for treatment my teeth well and making my smile beautiful. #digant thakkar
Aishwarya chauhan
Aishwarya chauhan
It was a great experience with Dr Digant Sir, he is very polite and knowledgeable. He genuinely answers to patient's question.I got the best treatment for my teeth over there
pooja kakadiya
pooja kakadiya
Such a great experience with Dr. Digant thakker😀😀😀!! Invisalign braces are wonderful solution for adults needing braces. They are more comfortable and easy to remove while eating or cleaning. The best part of this orthodontic treatment is the least visible one.


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