(08/05/2020) In the current situation of pandemic COVID-19 a great part of our lifestyle has changed. Social gathering has become video calls, meetings are zoom rooms, conferences and educational meets are now webinars to mention a few. Such changes have also affected the office of Dentist. We would like to outline the protocols followed by SILVER SMILE DENTAL SPECIALISTS which you should know prior to you visit with us. Here is a brief outline of what to expect when you visit us for your Dental treatment with us.

  1. APPOINTMENTS : It is compulsory to take an appointment prior to your visit . Direct Walkins are discouraged to keep the waiting room empty and maintain social distancing. A confirm appointment on a prior day is the best way to manage schedule in current time. Call us +91 9429051771 or click here to book a prior appointment. this would help us to maintain social distancing in the clinic.
  2. CALL COMMUNICATION : Its in best of interest for doctor and patient to keep an open call communication like – a call when patient starts from home for visit to dental clinic so doctor can start fumigating chamber and keeping the treatment requirement materials ready. A call when patient reaches the parking of the hospital premise so the receptionist can communicate whether the treatment preprations are ready if yes patient is welcomed in the clinic & with minimal primary formalities within seconds patient can enter the treatment section.
  3. MASK IS COMPULSARY : Its in everybody’s interest if you wear a mask while you are out of your house. if you don’t have on we would be happy to gift you one as your safety is our priority. Please request front desk for a free mask
  4. HAND SANITISATION : Once you enter the clinic at reception our coordinator Ms Hansaben will give you hand sanitiser to clean your hands , kindly rub for 20 sec the you will be escorted to the treatment section
  5. DOCTORS APPEARANCE : it would be difficult to recognize your doctor in current with all the protective equipments they will be wearing in order to protect themselves and you from infection . We have a full coverall attire right from caps, masks, clothing and face shield which is autoclaved/sanitized regularly for safety. Hand gloves are disposlible and are used one off. A picture of our doctors and staff can be seen below
  6. OUR PROTOCOLS OF SANITIZATION : proper sanitized chamber with hypocloride mopping twice daily, chair fumigation with sprays between patients, clean and autoclaved set of instruments for each and every patient.
  7. PAYMENT PROTOCOLS : since years we accept digital payments and its a boon that you already know these protocols with us now. Just to add we accept all modes of digital payments like NEFT, PAYTM, GPAY, BHIM, UPI, etc to name a few
  8. STAY HOME STAY SAFE: keeping procedures elective is necessary and unless and until really necessary please stay at home , maintain social distancing, stay healthy , stay safe